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TBTB--Stories From Home!

VLOG 19: In our latest chapter, Playwright (and TBTB Company Member), Kathryn Grant, shares one of her favorite NYC theater memories!--5/18/2020

VLOG 18: In our latest installment of Stories From Home, Ann Marie shares some of her more notorious "Cheap Shots." It's 4 for Friday, Friends, so enjoy!!--5/15/2020

VLOG 17: In this installment of TBTB: Stories From Home, TBTB Company member, Madison Parrotta, shares some personal thoughts and insights during this time of Covid-19.--5/11/2020

VLOG 16: Ann Marie is sharing one of her "quarantine” hobbies from home!--5/8/2020

VLOG 15: In this installment, TBTB Core Artist/Administrator, Pamela Sabaugh shares an original (incredible) song -- from home!--5/6/2020

VLOG 14: In this installment of TBTB: Stories From Home. Tucker discusses how our current global pandemic has essentially made all of us members of the disabled community.--5/4/2020

VLOG 13: In this installment of TBTB: Stories From Home, TBTB GM, Steve Asher talks about his FAVORITE theater moments!--5/2/2020

VLOG 12: TBTB Company member, Stuart Green, talks about one of his favorite "theatre" moments.--4/29/2020

VLOG 11: Dramaturg and TBTB member, Madison Parrotta, talks about one of her FAVORITE Theater moments!!--4/27/2020

VLOG 10: Melanie Portsche talks about one of her favorite TBTB Projects!--4/18/2020

VLOG 9: In Cheap Shots Part 2, Nick shares two more embarrassing theater pictures.--4/18/2020

VLOG 8: Ann Marie Morelli discusses the importance of partnerships!

VLOG 7: J.M. Marty McDonough shares some of his favorite life and theater experiences -- from home!--4/14/2020

VLOG 6: Alyssa H. Chase shares one of her favorite NYC "theater" moments...!--4/11/2020

VLOG 5: TBTB Company member, Tucker Salovaara, shares some of his favorite theater moments in one of our first STORIES FROM HOME!--4/8/2020

VLOG 4: Nick talks a bit about finding strength over fear and premieres CHEAP SHOTS!--4/5/2020

VLOG 3: TBTB's Melanie Portsche shares some of her most impactful theater memories in our latest installment of TBTB: Stories from Home--4/4/2020

VLOG 2: TBTB Share's our first episode of STORIES FROM HOME with a beautiful, original song by the AMAZING Anita Hollander!--4/1/2020

VLOG 1: Introduction: Nick is telling viewers about TBTB's new web series, ”TBTB--Stories From Home!"--3/29/2020