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"BRECHT ON BRECHT" by Bertolt Brecht (2002)

2 Images of scenes from the play


"Critics Pick! You can play the guessing game if you like, but don't expect to have much luck distinguishing the sighted from the sightless in Theater By The Blind's production of 'Brecht on Brecht.' These well practiced performers are so precise that you'll forget about any handicaps they might have moments after the opening of this snappy, musically pleasing showcase of songs and poetry by Bertolt Brecht. The strong cast sparkles under Ike Schambelan's clean direction!" -- David Cote, Time Out New York

"A nimble revival! Theater By The Blind finds charm and wit everywhere in this theatrical potpourri! The production strikes the right balance between the witty and the weighty!" -- Jonathan Shandell, OOBR