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"MISALLIANCE" by George Bernard Shaw (2001)

2 Images of scenes from the play


"A saucy, stylish production! This is one of the best productions of Shaw seen in New York for years--altogether one of the gems of the season! Under the director Ike Schambelan, the styling is perfect: cool, funny, brisk. Theater By The Blind is to be saluted!" -- Donald Lyons, NY Post

"A brilliant treatment by director Ike Schambelan! He assembles an extraoridinary cast with perfect comic timing, not to mention impecabble British dialects, to deliever this witty charmer!" -- Jeanette Toomer, Backstage

"Theater By The Blind has made a wonderful evening of the play! Combining a judicious cutting, a delightful cast and a breathless pace that sweps you along in its wake, this is Shaw at his merriest, where the political points are well made and well-taken but the polemic is tempered by the tweaking of human folly that Shaw so loves. Oh, and I can't tell you who's blind and who isn't--the actors are that good! The wonderful cast is completely at home with Shaw's words and the convoluted nature of the play!" -- Chris Byrne, LGNY

"Theater By The Blind fulfills its promise to stage professional quality work! Their commitment shines through not only in the acting, but also in the detailed set and convincing costumes. The company is as top notch as and of its fully sighted competitors, and 'Misalliance' is well wirth seeing!" -- Nina Judor, Show Business

"They came, they Shaw, they conquered! A rollicking performance! The performance is an extraordinary one!" -- Joshua Tanzer,