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World-premiere plays by Neil LaBute, Kate Moira Ryan, Samuel D. Hunter, Diana Son, Bekah Brunstetter, Jeff Tabnick and Emily Chadick Weiss (2011)

4 Images of scenes from the play - Photos by Carol Rosegg


"Spunky! The acting is fine throughout! Very affecting." - Neil Genzlinger, NY Times

"SOME OF OUR PARTS contains some really excellent plays. The acting is flawless! This fascinating commentary on the state of disability in America proves exactly why Theater Breaking Through Barriers is as vital as it is!" – David Gordon,

"People with disabilities take center stage in SOME OF OUR PARTS… Well-acted. Provocative and Moving."– Dan Bacalzo,

"An eye-opening experience! SOME OF OUR PARTS is fast, heartfelt and sometimes very funny. Each play is concise… performed with spunk, determination, resilience and humor. Excellent!" – Oscar Moore,

"Funny, truthful and moving! TBTB isn't afraid to delve into subject matter that might be considered taboo. Most of the short sketches provide thoughtful insight into what it is like to live with, or be affected by, someone who has a disability." - Lauren Yarger, Reflections In the Light