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"TEN LITTLE INDIANS" by Agatha Christie (2003)

2 Images of scenes from the play


"Tautly Directed! Theater by the Blind's production gets points for excellent casting. The company consists of a mix of blind, visually impaired and sighted actors, but the performances are so smooth there's no reason to give much thought to which actors are which. The company wisely treats some of the most clichéd clichés for laughs and keeps the original irreverence. I mean, what would terribly civilized people do with dead bodies in an island house when there are no boats until Monday? Just stack them in the spare room." -- Anita Gates, New York Times

"A classy and subtly sinister performance of the play! Theatre by the Blind's production of 'Indians' is captivating. The cast's overall performance was thrilling as the mystery unraveled. Who did it? Well, you can see for yourself, and maybe win a free bottle of champagne. Be sure to make someone else take the first sip!" -- Marissa Harris. Washington Square News