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“WHEN I’M 64” by Ike Schambelan (2003)

4 Images of scenes from the play


“The house in Ike Schambelan’s When I'm 64 is an old three-story place in Provincetown, Mass., with a wraparound terrace and spectacular ocean views. A Yale School of Drama professor left it to four of her students, now in their 60’s. Sheila (Melanie Boland), the professor’s former lover, lives there full time but has multiple sclerosis and wants to sell. The other co-owners are horrified. They’re distraught about Sheila’s illness and possessive about the house. But what really makes them recoil is that the nursing home Sheila has chosen is in Iowa. Mr. Schambelan has a significant topic here: creeping mortality. And the old-school-friends’-reunion genre seems a good setting for it.” -- Anita Gates, The New York Times

“The grand style of acting from the principal characters was immediately apparent at the top of the show. This is a hot script and it brought out the best in this talented corps of actors.” -- Jade Esteban Estrada, OOBR