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TBTB's VPI2: Voices from the Great Experiment!

During the week of August 3rd-10th 2020, we had our second Virtual Playmakers' Intensive (TBTB's VPI2: Voices from the Great Experiment!) on YouTube Live at 7:30 pm and then on Facebook Live at 8:15 pm each night. Check out these recordings of the performances below!

Archive Performances!

MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 2020 — CLOUDBUSTING by Chris Phillips. Directed by Stuart Green. Company: Jen Bradley, Richard Lear and Dan Teachout!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 4 2020 — THE OLYMPIANS by Fareeda Ahmed. Directed by Kristin Heckler. Company: Shravan Amin, Samantha Debicki and Paul Pryce!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5 2020— WHAT IF YOU READ MY PLAYS by Jeff Tabnick. Directed by Richard Rose. Company: Alyssa M. Chase, David Harrell!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6 2020 — (UNTITLED) by Tatiana Rivera. Directed by Everett Quinton. Company: Veronica Cruz, Christopher Imbrosiano, Patrick O’Hare, Estrella, Tamez-Penney!

FRIDAY, AUGUST 7 2020 — 3 GODS ON A ZOOM by Monét Marshall. Directed by Keyanna Alexander. Company: Kalilah Black, Robin Carmon Marshall, AhDream Smith!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 8 2020— 3 STOPS FROM LOOP TAPE STATION by Enrique Huili. Directed by Ashley Scott. Company: Juan Carlos Diaz and Melissa Jennifer Gonzalez!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 2020— SING by Khalil LeSaldo. Directed by Ward Nixon. Company: Martin Lewis and AhDream Smith!

MONDAY, AUGUST 10 2020— M-O-U-S-E by Christopher Chan Roberson. Directed by Kimille Howard. Company: Scott Barton, Nayab Hussein, Ayako Ibaraki, Sean Phillips!

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