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Josie Lawrence. An image of a woman who is in her 50's and she has blondish hair. She is wearing a black jacket and a pink shirt. She is also posing for the picture.


Josie Lawrence brings her 30-year career in the Foreign Currency market managing teams in sales and electronics to her current role as a Senior Care Strategist with Senior Care Authority (SCA). SCA is an Assisted Living Placement and Consulting service that guides and supports families as they navigate senior living and care options for their loved ones. Her own personal experience with taking care of her aging mother brought her to SCA.  Josie has been an active volunteer, board member, and fundraiser for over 25 years with nonprofit organizations and has been a board member for TBTB since 2006.  She is also involved with a program that prepares and provides meals to home-bound seniors, as well as a charity that cares for older New Yorkers, their families, and communities to thrive! Josie grew up just outside New York City and has lived in Manhattan since the late 70’s. Her first love is the theatre, she enjoys cooking for friends and likes to travel.