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Tucker Salovaara, IT/Social Media Coordinator. A picture of Tucker Salovaara who’s in his 30s and he is sitting. He is wearing glasses, a red bandana, and a black leather jacket. He is smiling in the picture.

Tucker Salovaara has been a staff member at TBTB for over four years. He started as a Business Administrative Apprentice and has since transitioned to the role of IT/Social Media Coordinator. Tucker was first introduced to TBTB over ten years ago as a student at LaGuardia Community College. He attended a show and fell in love with our mission to incorporate disabled actors into the mainstream theater world. He subsequently edited a promotional video for us for the International Day for Persons with Disabilities. Tucker enjoys using technology to enhance people with disabilities. He has sought to ensure that everything we offer is more accessible for people who need extra accommodations, such as captioning and audio descriptions. He also is in charge of keeping the website and social media platforms up to date. Tucker has been supporting our Virtual Playmakers’ Intensive series (VPIs), which is comprised of original short plays that are designed for the Zoom platform for our fans during the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown. These shows are streamed to TBTB’s YouTube and Facebook pages. Tucker is extremely grateful to TBTB for taking a chance on him and teaching him to help improve our theater company through technology. He is really excited to see what comes next!