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with a special performance of GUEST, followed by a gala reception at Playwrights Horizons

GUEST director, Victoria Rauch-Lichterman
pays tribute to Founding Artistic Director, IKE SCHAMBELAN

Agatha Christie's Unexpected Guest

"Christopher Imbrosciano is impressive...whipping from
affection to exultation to menace in a performance of mercurial velocity.
Pamela Sabaugh has a welcome grounding effect on her fellow performers." — New York Times

"Perfect. This is quintessential Agatha Christie...well directed by Victoria Rauch-Lichterman.
I like this play. This is no shortage of suspects! Nicholas Viselli creates a complex, layered character.
Pamela Sabaugh is a most appealing. Christopher Imbrosciano is splendid.
Melanie Boland gives an artful performance as does David Rosar Stearns.
Scott Barton conveys the less than honorable would-be Parliamentarian with subtlety.
Lawrence Merritt is impressive, Anthony Michael Lopez is a delight and Ann Marie Morelli is admirable.
Theatergoers would do well to curl up in their seats, relax and enjoy." —

"A throwback to film noir. Wonderful! An inspired production of a classic Christie caper.
A uniformly strong cast! Standouts include a riveting Pamela Sabaugh, regal Melanie Boland,
powerful Christopher Imbrosciano and convincing Ann Marie Morelli." —

"Dazzling turns and twists. Kudos!” —

"A solid production! TBTB’s The Unexpected Guest shows that there are joys to be found in the
most unassuming of packages. There’s nothing like a good murder to bring people together!” — Theater Is Easy

"The impact is tremendous ... Just when the murder seems solved ...
Miss Christie pulls her almighty knock out punch.”
– London Evening News